Football has been pivotal to my growth. It taught me the value of skill, teamwork and even the slightest nuances like dribbling a ball 22 cm in diameter. While I have always been a patient, hardworking student, pro-actively ready to achieve any goal with self determination and perseverance, my evening rendezvous with football shaped me into a complete human being. I accepted my limitations and acknowledged the magic of cumulative efforts of a team. I learnt to value the totality of success with ups and downs even at the last minute and value the sweetness of a defeat even after pouring your heart out to win. I achieved laurels in the sport from school level to international level and my story was far successful beyond my imagination.

Life finds a way, so does success. I have nurtured the dream to utilize my management skills and make a career that gives me enough room to display my creativity.  This is where I pen my thoughts and give my creativity a vent.

Hope you enjoy this site 🙂