The Loser's Limp

Ever wondered how some people always have an excuse for everything? How some people always try to run off from the blame and never own up for anything? This is a concept that everyone knows but only a few realize!

You know what Loser’s Limp is if you’ve ever a played a football game or watched one on TV.  For those of you who do not know about this, let me try explain this with the help of an example. Once I was watching a match, two midfielders were having incredible coordination and passing around the ball between them extremely well; almost reaching the ‘D’. 

One of the midfielders dribbled past the last defender. When he saw that the goalkeeper has started charging towards him he passed the ball to the striker who was waiting to score an open goal. However, the striker missed the goal  by the slight margin of a few feet. Guess what the striker did next? He pretended to limp. Even though he wasn’t hurt or injured, he showed that he was physically incapable of scoring (which was not true). The crowd’s reaction automatically changed from being angry to being sympathetic.

The Loser’s Limp will continue to help you in getting you out of these situations but it will never help you grow. It is crucial  to identify what your limp is ,what you use as an excuse to run away from responsibilities. This is important because it is the number one barrier which is standing between you and your success! 

So,find your limp and make sure you are not limping again!



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