Adaptability is the reaction to the inevitable change. In today’s generation, being more adaptive is more important than being more intelligent. Think about it , our economy is changing at a faster rate than ever before, new technologies , new policies , new opinions ,etc.

This all leads to us being more adaptive.Now, how to do it ? Here are three simple ways.

1.Ask Your ‘What if’ Questions

What if questions really challenge your brain to think deep about certain problems and indeed increases your AQ(Adaptability Quotient).

Now, What is the difference between IQ and AQ ?IQ is about how you taken in information and retain it while AQ is how you manipulate the information with a constraint to reach a specific goal.

2.Ability to Unlearn Things

People who have a high AQ seek to challenge what they already know and are ready to overwrite information.Many times you will face this scenario where you will have to get back to the ‘beginner’s mindset’.Therefor,it is very important to actively unlearn things.

3.Explore over Exploit

In the year 2000, a man finagled his way into a meeting with John Antioco, the CEO of Blockbuster, and proposed a partnership to manage Blockbuster’s fledgling online business. The CEO John laughed him out of the room, saying, “I have millions of existing customers and thousands of successful retail stores. I need to focus on the money.” The other man in the meeting, however, turned out to be Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix. In 2018, Netflix brought in 15.8 billion dollars, while Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010, directly 10 years after that meeting. The Blockbuster CEO was too focused on exploiting his already successful business model, so much so that he couldn’t see around the next corner. In that way, his previous success became the enemy of his adaptability potential.

This shows how important it is to explore your options over exploiting one.


Adaptability should be considered as a muscle which can be developed overtime with the right amount of resistance. One should never fall in love with previous victories and always look forward to achieve more. What is the worth of a man ‘who used to be a billionaire’ if at the present moment is ‘homeless’.All of these factors are accounted by adaptability .

So,Are you ready for the next big change in your life ?



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