The “10,000 Hour-Rule,” the idea that becoming world-class in something requires 10,000 hours of dedicated practice, originated with K. Anders Ericsson and was brought to a huge audience by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers.

This rule has gained a lot of popularity overtime.But,it may not be very well defined.

Have you ever had a friend who learns things very quickly? How you may take 3 months to develop a skill and your friend can learn it better than you in 1 ?

Clearly , situations like these disprove the 10,000 hour rule.What really means by ‘dedicated practice’ ?

This is the key word of the rule people should take notice to. Dedicated pratice means doing a particular task by continuosly increasing its difficulty. If you keep on doing a task without putting up resistance for a long time no doubt you will become really good at it , but to master it, you need to challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty.

Now,with the defination of ‘dedicated practice’ clear , you are now ready to sail your boat towards mastery of any skill !



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