Life is all about balance. You need to maintain a balance between four essential things to overcome any hurdle in life. I call them the 4 pillars of life ,if one is damaged the other ones will most likely get damaged.

The 4 Pillars of Life :



Most people think that the quality of their life depends on this pillar itself. Working is a part of life. It is really important because this is what we do for most of the day. But, people make their lives so work-oriented that they destroy other parts of their lives which in turn affects their work. We need to realise long term, work isn’t life but a part of it!

2.Relationship with Others:

You need to focus on your relationship with your loved ones because this is the part where you get 85% of the happiness in your entire life. Remaining happy, according to me should have the topmost priority in life. Again, we need to realise the long term, everything we do is dependant on our mood if we are happy we get along with tasks, but, if we are sad/depressed/lonely we don’t want to do even the easiest task on our list. But, some people tend to focus too much on relationships that they forget everything else. This is the misbalance that leads to trouble.

3.Spiritual life:

This is a controversial topic. I don’t believe so much in God. I believe in myself. Again, I am not saying that you should stop believing in god. I am just saying this game is all about belief and faith, whether you believe in god, yourself or anything. This helps you get through the most difficult moments of your life. In my example, I have so much belief in myself that I know that I can get through any situation no matter what. So, in the end it is all about belief and faith.


Most people consider this pillar as the least important one. They eat junk, don’t exercise, have improper body language and often don’t put up a positive personality. Our health and body are linked with our self-image and our self-image is linked with our happiness. Again, happiness being the key element of life, it should be given the topmost priority.


Some of you might have some pillars sorted out but others messed up, some of you might have all the pillars messed up. Always remember one thing, if one of these pillars was strong at one point of your life and now it isn’t ,YOU CAN FIX IT! You have the potential that you have achieved this once, you can fucking do it again.



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